Stay With Us

Hike the land in the sunshine or snow, climb rocks, get grounded. You are welcome to rest your head in our octagonal temple with wood burning stove, overlooking an Aspen grove. Inquire for pricing. 

Inquire about a variety of experiences we offer during your stay- Ancient Tea Ceremonies, hot tub soaks, guided meditation, crafting jewelry with quartz rocks you find on the land, massage, reiki, beginners aerial yoga, top shelf organic/vegan dinners or breakfast. Many experiences require advance preparation, so please call ahead. 

We look forward to sharing our home and energy with you!


Intimate Personalized Dining

Our dear friend Scott is a chef with over 12 years experience in the restaurant industry. He's taken a deep dive into nutrition, food safety and history, and heirloom foods. Together we host curated dinner parties in our home where Scott consciously prepares a meal of high vibe ingredients, organic, vegan, gluten free. The whole deal.  CLEAN. HEALING. YUMMY. 

During your stay Scott can prepare a delicious, healthy meal to suit your dietary needs and preferences. Ranging from a four-course five-star dinner to a simple breakfast before your hike, his meals are truly an experience! Please call ahead for booking. 


Technology Rite of Passage Ceremonies

Our modern culture has lost the ancient tradition of Rite of Passage ceremonies. Our smart phones are POWERFUL devices that have become integral to our adult lives. With such power comes immense responsibility. I offer Rite of Passage ceremonies for youth who are acquiring their first smart phone, social media account, or other powerful technological tool. These ceremonies empower our children to use these tools in service to our highest human values.